Friday, March 8, 2013

Fabulous Style at a Fabulous Price: Meet Lulu & Georgia!

FABULOUS STYLE AT A FABULOUS PRICE: MEET LULU & GEORGIA! here's the story: Lulu is a globe-trotting romantic who feels most at home when she's jet-setting to exotic hideaways (sounds great to us!) and she appreciates vibrant hues and never leaves home without her five-inch heels. And then there's Georgia who's an extravagant hostess who loves browsing home decor shops and always has a vase of pink peonies on her bedside table (that sounds great too!!). Together, Lulu & Georgia offer a wonderful and colorful array of rugs, accessories, lighting, furniture, wall decor and one-of-a-kind items that are guaranteed to transform whatever area in your home or office that need a touch of style. And the online shopping experience is made easier by finding items sorted into categories of Bohemian, Coastal, Color Crush, Glamour Girl, Organic, Regency, Romantic, Vintage Eclectic and Girl on a Budget. So that means there's something for everyone! Lulu & Georgia is the chic brainchild of Los Angeles native Sara Sugarman who named the site after her grandfather Lou and her father George who have been a part of the L.A. design scene for decades and who have always served as inspirational role models to her. Ms. Sugarman's design saavy and her own globe-trotting adventures always turn up lots of great finds in interior furnishings, so it was a natural to share these finds with everyone else who loves all things fun and fabulous. So let's start shopping, okay? Here are just some of the many, many things at Lulu & Georgia that caught our eye: (1) Oversized Paisley Rug in aquamarine; (2) Copenhagen Tray in tangerine; (3) Quinlyn Rug in espresso bean; (4) Starlight Vases (5) Bangkok Pillow; (6) Ethel Armchair; (7) Capri Round Vase; (8) Sunkist Reversible Rug in papaya; (9) Cool Baishali Pillows; (10) Zigzag Pouf; (11) Cerulean Circle Lamp; and (12) Un Fuego Rug. Now that felt good, didn't it? We love shopping therapy!!