Saturday, December 1, 2012

Something New, Old, Colorful & Bold: The World of Alice Apple!

SOMETHING NEW, OLD, COLORFUL & BOLD: THE WORLD OF ALICE APPLE! -- Not many people have heard of the small town of Totnes, located at the head of the estuary of the River Dart in Devon in the southwest of England. But back in the Medieval times, this picturesque town was a bustling market center and it was here that further back in time to Ancient Rome that the mythical founder of Britain -- Brutus of Troy (a descendant of Trojan heroes) -- first came ashore and thus a new island kingdom was born! And in keeping with the tradition of merchants flourishing in Totnes over the centuries, one can find artist/designer Alice Burrows at the helm of her own business Alice Apple which offers a tasty array of colorfully-designed textiles and items made from these textiles (toys, cross stitch patterns and fabric decorations). Using vintage surface patterns from the 1960s and 1970s as a starting point for inspiration, Burrows creates bold textile designs that we at Studio of Style just love for their fun scale and timeless appeal. What a wonderful way to add color to napkins, placemats, table cloths, runners, throw pillows, curtains and drapery! And we also love the combinations of pink, orange, blue, purples, green and magenta that remind us of the flowers of spring and summer (think Cosmos, Ranuculus, Gerber Daisies, Tulips). With the longest days of winter looming ahead, why not think spring and start some interior design projects with Alice Apple fabrics? They're easily available in the U.S. through Spoonflower -- and they're offered in various cotton qualities, including poplin, voile, silk, canvas, knit, twill, sateen and crepe de chine -- and you can get test swatches and fat quarters in addition to the 42"-wide lengths -- how wonderful is that? Plus, you can tell all your friends that Alice Apple from Totnes designed them -- and they will all be impressed at your ability of finding the most fabulous fabrics! But then, we already knew that about you, didn't we?
Images courtesy Alice Apple