Friday, June 22, 2012

Studio of Style Exclusive! Disco Inferno: Producer Allan Carr's Egyptian Disco Den

STUDIO OF STYLE EXCLUSIVE! DISCO INFERNO: PRODUCER ALLAN CARR'S EGYPTIAN DISCO DEN -- We at Studio of Style had access to designer-to-the-stars Phyllis Morris' personal scrapbooks (thanks to daughter Jamie Adler!) and we uncovered this fabulous postcard written by Carr himself while in Egypt.  It reads: "Dear Phyllis and Nate (Morris' husband Nathan Goller), Well after you did my disco I had to come to see the real thing.  I am touring Egypt -- Cairo, Aswan + Luxor. Jim Randall took a look at these tombs and said he liked my basement better. Its really an incredible trip boating down the Nile. Best Allan Carr."  So there you have it kids!  You can count on us for the real Hollywood insider stuff, eh? And in the newspaper photo (shown above right) taken at the May 31st, 1978 discotheque opening at Carr's, you can see Carr with Marilyn Hilton -- wife of hotel mogul Barron Hilton and grandmother to Paris and Nicky!  The current owner of this Beverly Hills manse -- producer Brett Ratner -- also inherited the remnants and the many illustrious stories of this famed hedonistic disco (Ingrid Bergman and Kim Novak also lived in this house -- but pre-disco of course!).  No other home in Hollywood has since had the flash, the cash and the style that was embodied in Carr's den of dance -- but then, there has never been an outrageously flamboyant producer such as Carr or outrageously lavish and over the top designer as the late Phyllis Morris since!  PS: did you know that Time magazine gave Ms. Phyllis Morris the moniker "la dame du flash"??  (Sounds about right to us!)  So, boogie on and shake your booty!
Photos and press clippings courtesy Phyllis Morris Originals