Friday, June 1, 2012

Ahhhhh....Beverly Hills, Champagne and Spago!

AHHHHH....BEVERLY HILLS, CHAMPAGNE AND SPAGO!  Here's probably the best tip we at Studio of Style can give: you never need a special reason to go to Spago in Beverly Hills -- just go, for heavens sake! The restaurant is a landmark and must-go-to pilgrimage for foodies, with the food being award-winning in every way. Regulars have their favorite seat waiting for them.... and major domo Laurent Stenou makes you feel like an old and designer of the restaurant Barbara Lazaroff oversees the room with her meticulous eye and passion for hospitality....Wolfgang Puck comes out of the kitchen to meet guests....super pastry chef Sherry Yard whips up some amazing treats....and you never know what superstar from film, sports, entertainment or the arts will be setting next to you!  We at Studio of Style can vouch for many a dinner with celebs on every side of us -- overhearing some X-rated comedy from the late, great Milton Berle, or listening to Fran Drescher's trademark laughter in the next booth, or watching top attorney Gloria Allred (yes, dressed in red!) hold court in the famed booth #51 directly opposite our table (what a conversation that was!) -- and those are just some of the hundreds of stories that Lazaroff can share with you about the eatery's fabled clientele over the years that she's been at the helm of not only the Beverly Hills location, but all the other restaurants in the Wolfgang Puck Worldwide empire of which she is an equal shareholder and co-owner of its affiliate companies.  Amazing!  So today -- just before the Friday lunch crowd made its way to the Beverly Hills spot at 176 North Canon Drive, we at Studio of Style slipped in and proceeded to have a fabulous glass of champagne -- of which you can choose from six varieties -- all of which are guaranteed to quench your thirst on a sunny California day.  Keep in mind that the restaurant will be closed for eight weeks for renovation starting in early July -- so get on over to Canon Drive before then and make your way to the bar for a glass (or two, or three!) of cold champagne...and savor this true culinary spot like the regulars do, okay?
Photo by Greg Firlotte