Monday, April 22, 2013

Blue Lagoon: The Watery Hues of Glass from Murano, Italy

BLUE LAGOON: THE WATERY HUES OF GLASS FROM MURANO, ITALY -- People from around the world descend upon the island of Murano in the blue Venetian Lagoon for basically one thing: to acquire the sumptuously beautiful glass objects which have been crafted here for centuries -- and now, like then, each and every piece of glass is made completely by hand in the glorious tradition which has gone unchanged, much to the delight of everyone who owns these glass treasures from Murano. And thanks to YourMurano company, owners of Murano glass can be assured that their purchases are guaranteed the "Vetro Artistico Murano" mark of origin that is protected by Italian law.  The company's online store offers vases, centerpieces, goblets, sculptures, lighting, mirrors, jewelry, glassware and gifts -- in fact, something for everyone! If you love the ever-changing blue colors of the Adriatic Sea which surrounds Murano and Venice, then the wide array of water-hued glass from YourMurano provides many choices from the palest of aqua to rich cobalt to the multi-layered colors that reflect the ancient sea. Here are just some of the beautiful blue objects we found at YourMurano: A) Heart-shaped Campanellino pendant by Ercole Moretti with millefiori murrine; B) Mantegna aqua goblet with dolphin-shaped stem with gold leaf by Seguso Gianni -- bella!; C) a beautiful blue mirrored glass Ciottolino-T table lamp with tone-on-tone shade by Simone Cenedese; D) a lovely Goto Desio "goto di fornaso" glass by DIPI embellished with silver leaf and white and violet filaments with each one signed by the master glassmaker; and E) the Tarantula Nebula mother of pearl glass plate by Yalos Murano from the Nebulose Collection by Guido Ferro.
Product images courtesy YourMurano