Monday, October 1, 2012

Fresh, Bright, Exciting! Art Platform--Los Angeles 2012

FRESH, BRIGHT, EXCITING! ART PLATFORM -- LOS ANGELES 2012  If you've never been to a contemporary art fair, then you'll never know what you might be missing! However, for those who do attend them when they can, they are aware that contemporary art fairs provide the ideal opportunity to discover something fresh, bright and exciting -- all under one roof (which saves a lot of time gallery hopping -- which isn't a bad idea either!). But lucky Angelinos!! They got to experience the second annual installation of Art Platform -- Los Angeles this past September 27 - 30 at the historic Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. And what an exciting opportunity it was indeed to see and experience works by not only some well-established names in modern art (Picasso, Motherwell, Ruscha, Hirst and many more), but also a great deal of cutting-edge artists from around the globe -- as well as a cutting-edge private jet! Executive Director Adam Gross (middle left photo) got things off to a great start on Thursday and after that, it was all a constant stream of thousands of art lovers in search of artistic adventure over the course of the next three days. Spread over two pavilions, the show offered "immense cultural diversity, from its museums and alternative art spaces to the diverse demographics of individuals who visit Los Angeles or call it home," said Gross. Some of the art and galleries included (clockwise, from top right): a colorful work on canvas by Mira Dancy at Night Gallery; a photographic installation of portraits by Clayton Campbell reflecting on "Words We Have Learned Since 9/11"; a political poster from the many pieces in the Co/Lab exhibit of art from selected alternative artists; "Snow White (Unique)" by Speedy Graphito at Denis Block Fine Art; the art pencil sculpture by Federico Uribe at Now Contemporary Art; and the interior of the amazing XOJET Challenger 300 whose sleek appointed cabin provided a backdrop for a soundscape by sound artist Steve Roden! (see more of the fair in the post below)
Photos by Greg Firlotte