Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Magic of Malachite and Gold: Kimberly McDonald for Circa Wallcovering!

THE MAGIC OF MALACHITE AND GOLD: KIMBERLY McDONALD FOR CIRCA WALLCOVERING! -- We just love, love, love malachite everything! And when acclaimed jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald teamed up with West Hollywood-based Circa Wallcovering, a sort of magic happened in that the magnificent natural stones so beloved and celebrated by McDonald in her amazing jewelry were transformed into wallcoverings. But not just any wallcoverings, mind you. We're talking about true luxe wallcoverings printed on heavyweight shiny Mylar...and they are made in Los Angeles using a zero-VOC UV process with non-toxic inks. And the most important thing to keep in mind is that McDonald's "Glam Rock Malachite" design shown here is the only luxe malachite and gold wallcovering in the entire marketplace. How cool is that? So, why not surround yourself in the beauty of this most fascinating gemstone? And you get the eternal beauty of gold along with it, too! Oh...did you know that this wallcovering is printed at a generous 49 inches wide -- which means that you get almost twice the amount per yard than standard width wallcoverings? And while you're at the Circa Wallcovering site, be sure to check out McDonald's other gemstone-inspired designs. There's truly something for every gem lover.

Top photo: courtesy Kimberly McDonald 
Bottom photos: Gregory Firlotte
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