Friday, February 22, 2013

Destination Tokyo: Christian Dada Delivers Modern Classic Style

DESTINATION TOKYO: CHRISTIAN DADA DELIVERS MODERN CLASSIC STYLE -- Japan is hot -- especially in the winter!! That's because Mercedes Benz Fashion Week takes place in February (in fact, it's going on right now!) and there is so much fabulous fashion to see that we hardly know where to begin to tell you (but do check out the link below for yourself and get in on the excitement, okay?). Among the 40+ design houses being shown this week in Tokyo is the brand Christian Dada which is the brainchild of Masanori Morikawa (top center photo) who is among the rising stars in the Land of the Rising Sun -- and we wanted to share this with you -- our stylish reader who is always in the know about everything that is worth knowing about! When you go to the Christian Dada site, you'll notice that almost everything in this collection is sold out!!! And we can understand why -- because Morikawa has that unmistakable sense of knowing how to put together ensembles in the most classic of combinations of color palettes and materials to put his own spin on clothing that spans numerous decades of fashion influences that are strong and very wearable! Morikawa (after being a personal assistant at Charles Anastase in Paris) launched his own menswear collection in Japan for the 2010 Autumn/Winter season and has gone on to create two outfits for Lady Gaga, as well as launching a women's collection. We at Studio of Style just love everything he puts his hand to -- such as the embossed leathers, diamond quilting and the biker jacket look -- and we certainly wish him much success at Fashion Week in Tokyo (and we wish we were there right now to cheer him on). And, of course, we wish we were wearing that embossed leather hat of his -- how fabulous is that?
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Images courtesy Christian Dada